InsurTech Solution, Engagement Rewards

One Mobile Application

The user app includes trip tracking, trip recording technology, embedded risk methods (trip improvement, risk profiling, user clusters, and safe driving points), coaching features (points, coaching tips, trip logs, performance trend, challenges, and badges), notification features (push notifications), and the loyalty & rewards section to present benefits and discounts (static benefits coded in the app).

The coaching and scoring screens in the app will be fully functional even when driving data is collected via external devices (GPS trackers, dongles, OBD, tags).

Accident Help

The user can request assistance via the app (roadside assistance, contacting the insurance company, calling a taxi). For users collecting trips via an external GPS tracker (OBD), automatic accident detection is available using the IMU records “inertial measurement unit” generated by the device. In conjunction with this event detection, automatic alerts will be configurable and triggerable (call back for help, call back for service, call back for mobility services) and can be connected to Najm, Emergency, Towing and Taxi.

Claim Digitalization App

Submit a claim through the app, the app will include digital forms to replace physical claim submission paperwork and cover the standard claim submission process in Saudi Arabia and replacing traditional paperwork for FNOL, the app will provide the ability to upload pictures of the accident and locate the damage on the map.

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