Turns mobility data into actionable insights

We are empowering our clients to design and implement new data-driven products and services in the areas of telematics, smart mobility, insurance, and the automotive industry by collecting, augmenting, analyzing, and profiling vast amounts of data from moving vehicles and individuals.

Car Insurance
Telematics Service Providers
Fleet Operators & Managers
Smart Cities & Goverments
Automotive Industry

About B’AMAN

We are implementing a Digital Transformation Solution, to cover the use cases of safe driving, accident detection, and claims assistance. The comprehensive solution will generally include:


  • An end-user mobile application that captures rides, interacts with the user by providing a safety score, coaching tips, ride logs, challenges and rewards for safe driving, submits claims digitally, submits support requests and asks for assistance, and provides the ability to receive a discount for safe driving.
  • Adding, profiling, scoring rides, clustering users and recommending points for safe driving based on data analytics and machine learning technologies.
  • A Program Management Dashboard for customers to launch, manage and monitor the Connected Insurance program.
  • A Fleet Management dashboard based on the same data collection technology that provides fleet managers with meaningful insights related to trips, vehicles and the entire fleet.

Benefits of using B’AMAN

  • Remote Vehicle Pursuit

  • Optimization of vehicles

  • Improved safety

  • Detailed analysis reports

  • Reduced Insurance & transport costs

  • Real-time alerts

  • Customer Satisfaction

What We Offer ?

  • Provide Telematics Platform, supporting multiple services through one platform product to serve B2B and B2C segments within KSA.
  • Offer all equipment, components and software required to set up the platform On-Premises and cloud.
  • Professional services for the installation, commissioning, and deployment of the complete platform.
  • Integration between partners, National Information Centre, Payment-Gateways, Contact Centre and other platforms.
  • Conduct all types of functional and acceptance testing to ensure the availability and reliability of the B’AMAN platform for the successful launch of the service.
  • Transfer of Technical-Knowledge and documentation, including deep programming techniques, code APIs to ensure smooth operation and enhance the product with future integrations as needed.
  • Support and maintenance services to keep the platform uninterrupted and fully functional until Service-Contracts is valid.
  • Managed services for development as part of operational services to customize and integrate external systems.

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